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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 'Weary' Dunlop - A True HeroAustralian HistoryErnest Dunlop  grant2285441.7
2 1940s Movie PotpourriMovies: By Decade  grant22883552.2
3 1950s Movie PotpourriMovies: By Decade  grant22870645.5
4 The 1970s: Name the YearHistory, What Year Did It Happen?  grant22831740.8
5 1980's Marriages of the Rich and FamousAmerican Culture  grant22834073.1
6 The 1980's: Events and Cultural FluffCulture  grant22815170
7 1980s International SportSports  grant2281,66646.3
8 1980s Movie PotpourriMovies: By Decade  grant22816150.1
9 The 1980s: Name The YearCulture, What Year Did It Happen?  grant22842039.7
10 The 1990s : Events and Cultural FluffHistory, Culture  grant22812637.7
11 2000s Movie PotpourriMovies  grant2286439.4
12 54th Massachusetts RegimentHistory, American History, American Civil War  grant22815361.6
13 ABBA - Swedish Super GroupMusic, Pop Music  grant2286848.1
14 About Being a GentlemanHistory, Culture  grant2284341.9
15 Abraham Lincoln - 16th US President: Pre-Presidential LifeAmerican History, American PresidentsAbraham Lincoln  grant22832956.1
16 Abraham Lincoln - Personal QuestionsAmerican History, American PresidentsAbraham Lincoln  grant22821754.3
17 Adlai Stevenson IIAmerican HistoryAdlai E Stevenson II grant2283257.8
18 Adolf Hitler - His Later LifeHistory, World War II, German HistoryAdolf Hitler  grant22817078
19 The Adventures of Superman - 1950s Classic TV ShowTV, Radio & Stage, American Culture  grant22815571.5
20 The Affairs of JupiterLiterature, Fictional Characters, World Culture  grant2283948.5
21 Age of DiscoveryHistory, European Age of Discovery  grant2289751.8
22 Agnes Moorehead - Star of Stage, Screen, TV and RadioTV, Radio & Stage, Television Stars, BewitchedAgnes R Moorehead  grant22814642.3
23 Al Jolson - "The World's Greatest Entertainer"Music, American Culture, SingersAl Jolson  grant2282563.6
24 Alan Young - Young by Name and Young at HeartMovie Stars, Television StarsAlan Young  grant2284854
25 Alaska Fun FactsGeography, U.S. States  grant2283259.4
26 Albert Camus - Individualistic French WriterLiterature, Authors  grant2284562.7
27 Alfred Deakin: 2nd Australian Prime MinisterWorld Leaders, Australian Prime MinistersAlfred Deakin  grant2286043.2
28 All About HangingsHistory  grant228935.6
29 American English v. Australian EnglishCulture  grant2284056.8
30 Amerigo Vespucci - after whom America was named.History  grant2281100
31 Andre the GiantSports, Professional WrestlingAndre Roussimoff  grant228970
32 Andrew Carnegie - Millionaire Businessman and PhilanthropistAmerican History, Business  grant22851256
33 Andrew Fisher: 5th Australian Prime MinisterWorld Leaders, Australian Prime MinistersAndrew Fisher  grant2283951
34 The Andrews Sisters - America's Wartime SweetheartsMusic, Movies, American Culture  grant22811839.5
35 Angela Lansbury - Enduring and Gracious ActressMovie Stars, Television StarsAngela B Lansbury  grant22813055.8
36 Animal Collections: What Are They Called?Animals & Animal Study  grant22838953
37 Animal Young - Parent MatchAnimals & Animal Study  grant22818258
38 Anne Boleyn - Doomed Queen of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History  grant22817373.1
39 Annie Oakley - Little Miss Sure ShotHistory, American HistoryAnnie Oakley  grant2286860.8
40 Anzacs at GallipoliWorld War I, Australian History  grant22842459.6
41 ANZACS at Gallipoli - Part IIHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant2281448.6
42 Apples and the famous people associated with themHistory, Culture  grant2282453.3
43 Aretha Franklin - Queen of SoulMusic, SingersAretha L Franklin  grant2288648.3
44 Arizona Fun FactsU.S. States  grant2282066.5
45 Arsenic and Old Lace - Comedy ClassicMovies, Comedy Movies, American Culture  grant22828859.8
46 Arthur Fadden: 13th Australian Prime MinisterWorld Leaders, Australian Prime MinistersArthur W Fadden  grant2281655
47 Arthur Phillip - Founder of AustraliaHistory, Australian HistoryArthur Phillip  grant2282848.9
48 The AshesSports  grant228640
49 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Part 1American Presidents, American Civil War, World Leaders, AssassinationsAbraham Lincoln  grant22870273.1
50 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Part 2American Presidents, American Civil War, World Leaders, AssassinationsAbraham Lincoln  grant22865666.3
51 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Part 3American History, American Presidents, American Civil War, World Leaders, AssassinationsAbraham Lincoln  grant22811064.3
52 The Assassination of Archduke FerdinandHistory, World War I, Assassinations  grant22815462.6
53 The Assassination of Grigorii RasputinAssassinations, Russian History  grant2283455
54 The Assassination of Mahatma GandhiHistory, Assassinations, Indian HistoryMohandas K Gandhi  grant2287947.1
55 The Assassination of Martin Luther KingAmerican History, AssassinationsMartin Luther King Jr. grant22813373.1
56 The Assassination of Robert F. KennedyAmerican History, AssassinationsRobert F Kennedy  grant22841464.4
57 Assassinations the World Over: Part IIHistory, World Leaders, Assassinations  grant22816858.3
58 Attila the HunAncient History  grant22846262.9
59 Audie Murphy - Decorated War Hero and ActorAmerican History, Movie Stars, World War IIAudie L Murphy  grant22830865.7
60 Augustus Caesar History, Ancient HistoryAugustus Caesar  grant22814671.1
61 Aung San Suu Kyi - Burmese Heroine  grant2285540.7
62 Australia's Capitals and Biggest CitiesAustralian History, Oceanic Geography  grant2287280
63 Australian Flag Facts & HistoryAustralian History, Oceanic Geography  grant22823750.3
64 Australian GeographyScience & Nature  grant22811142.4
65 Australian Political ScandalsHistory, Australian History  grant228386.7
66 Australian Prime MinistersWorld Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2287463.5
67 Australian Prime Ministers - Part 4History, Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2281364.6
68 Australian Prime Ministers: Part 2World Leaders, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2285369.1
69 Australian Prime Ministers: Part 3Australian History, Australian Prime Ministers  grant2285961.9
70 Australian Sporting FactsSports  grant2281240.8
71 Australian T.V. TriviaTV, Radio & Stage  grant2281942.1
72 "B" Spelling Bee WordsGrammar & Vocabulary  grant22818162
73 Band Names - How they were devisedPop Music, Rock Music, Alternative Rock  grant22810544.3
74 Banjo Paterson - The Voice of the Australian BushHistory, Literature, Authors, Australian History  grant2287848.1
75 Barbara Stanwyck - Actress ExtraordinaireMovie StarsBarbara Stanwyck  grant22822761.7
76 Baron von Richthofen - The Red BaronWorld War I, German History  grant2287966.1
77 Battle of BannockburnHistory, British History  grant2282666.9
78 Battle of Gettysburg - Part IIAmerican History, American Civil War  grant22818465.1
79 Battle of MidwayAmerican History, World War II  grant22851158.8
80 Battle of the BulgeHistory, World War II  grant2283758.6
81 Battle of the Little Big HornAmerican History  grant22823167.3
82 The Battle of WaterlooHistory, British History, French History  grant228570
83 Beatrix Potter - Creator of Peter RabbitLiterature, Authors, British AuthorsBeatrix Potter  grant2289063.4
84 The Bee GeesMusic, Disco, Singers  grant2282754.1
85 Ben Chifley: 16th Australian Prime MinisterWorld Leaders, Australian Prime MinistersBen Chifley  grant2283655.6
86 Benjamin Disraeli: British Prime MinisterWorld Leaders, British Prime MinistersBenjamin Disraeli  grant22813362.2
87 Benjamin Franklin - Part 2American HistoryBenjamin Franklin  grant2284945.7
88 Bernard Montgomery - El Alamein SupremoHistory, World War II, British History  grant2286443.6
89 Bernie Sanders - Political MaverickHistory, American History, American Culture  grant2282357.8
90 Bertrand Russell - British PhilosopherHistory, British History  grant22833341.7
91 Bess Truman: Model First LadyPresidential First LadiesBess Truman  grant2288459.5
92 Bette Midler - Dazzling DivaMusic, MoviesBette Midler  grant2286870.1
93 Betty Ford - Independent First LadyHistory, Presidential First LadiesBetty Ford  grant228673.3
94 Beyonce - Super DivaMusic, SingersBeyonce Knowles  grant2282076.5
95 Bible Stories - the ones they didn't teach at Sunday School  grant228270
96 Bill Gates - Influential Man of the CenturyBusinessBill Gates  grant2282846.4
97 Black QuizHistory, Culture  grant2282646.5
98 Bob Dylan - Enduring Songwriter and National ConscienceMusic, American Culture, SingersBob Dylan  grant22819932.2
99 Bob Hawke: 23rd Australian Prime MinisterWorld Leaders, Australian Prime MinistersBob Hawke  grant2288361.6
100 Body BitsScience & Nature  grant2282171.9

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