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Quizzes submitted by madman

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 1980s Leading Men in FilmsMovies: By Decade  madman46384.6
2 American Novelists' First WorksFiction Books, American Authors  madman14446.5
3 The Andy Griffith Show: Helen CrumpFictional Characters, The Andy Griffith Show  madman1,17677.7
4 The Assassination of James GarfieldAmerican Presidents, World Leaders, AssassinationsJames Garfield  madman15665.3
5 The Assassination of William McKinleyAmerican Presidents, World Leaders, AssassinationsWilliam McKinley  madman19864.2
6 Batman TV Series: The Actors Behind the VillainsAmerican TV Dramas  madman57277.8
7 Beavis and Butt-Head Character MatchAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  madman13875.3
8 The Best Train Songs!Music  madman3959
9 The Best Train Songs! Part 2Music  madman2639.6
10 The Brady Bunch Character MatchThe Brady Bunch  madman88196.6
11 The Brady Bunch: Alice NelsonFictional Characters, The Brady Bunch  madman31477.4
12 The Brady Bunch: Bobby BradyFictional Characters, The Brady Bunch  madman35676.5
13 The Brady Bunch: Carol BradyFictional Characters, The Brady Bunch  madman28669.9
14 The Brady Bunch: Cindy BradyFictional Characters, The Brady Bunch  madman32968.2
15 The Brady Bunch: Jan BradyFictional Characters, The Brady Bunch  madman34977.3
16 The Brady Bunch: Mike BradyFictional Characters, The Brady Bunch  madman25374.3
17 Broadway Musicals: The 1960sBroadway  madman33265.9
18 Buster Keaton: Silent & Talkie Film StarMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersBuster Keaton  madman18669.5
19 Celebrities Who Died on HolidaysMovie Stars, Holidays  madman65837
20 Cheers' Character MatchFictional Characters, Cheers  madman77091.7
21 College Football Stadium NicknamesCollege Football  madman40379.8
22 Elvis Presley: The King of Rock-n-RollElvis PresleyElvis Presley  madman51275.4
23 Evel Knievel: American DaredevilSportsEvel Knievel  madman9347.2
24 Galileo Galilei: The Father of Modern ScienceScience & NatureGalileo Galilei  madman24152.1
25 Gilligan's Island - Character MatchGilligan's Island  madman82288.7
26 Gilligan's Island Characters: Mrs. HowellFictional Characters, Gilligan's Island  madman18773.9
27 Gilligan's Island Characters: The SkipperFictional Characters, Gilligan's Island  madman35066.7
28 Harry Morgan: Ready & Steady ActorTelevision Stars, M*A*S*HHarry Morgan  madman23157.7
29 "Jack the Ripper": London Prostitute SlayingsSerial Killers  madman49254.4
30 Jefferson AirplaneRock -n- Roll, Psychedelic Rock  madman9858.1
31 John List: Mass MurdererMass MurderersJohn List  madman25061.9
32 Leap Year BirthdaysHistory, Culture  madman7032.4
33 Leslie Nielsen: "The Laurence Olivier of Spoofs"Movie StarsLeslie Nielsen  madman3960
34 Linda Ronstadt: Versatile SingerPop MusicLinda Ronstadt  madman1,17463.2
35 The Lord of the Rings Character MatchFiction Books, Fantasy Movies  madman42287.3
36 M*A*S*H Character MatchTV Dramadey, M*A*S*H  madman45292.8
37 Mike Nesmith: More Than Just a Monkee!Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, The MonkeesMichael Nesmith  madman31062.4
38 Morgan FairchildMovie Stars, Television StarsMorgan Fairchild  madman1934.7
39 Popeye the Sailor: Cartoon ClassicAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  madman84873.7
40 Rich Little: Man of a Thousand VoicesComediansRich Little  madman5336.2
41 Rock Songs About DogsRock Music  madman26159.4
42 The Seasons: AutumnScience & Nature, Culture  madman1,36958.7
43 Songs With the Word "Thunder" in the TitleMusic  madman5650.9
44 Sophia Loren: Glamorous Italian ActressMovie StarsSophia Loren  madman12353.4
45 Steve McQueenMovie Stars, Auto RacingSteve McQueen  madman13563
46 Tom Izzo: Legendary CoachBig Ten Men's BasketballTom Izzo  madman22470.8
47 Vincent Price - Master of HorrorMovie StarsVincent Price  madman16270.8
48 What Year Did it Happen? - 1970sWhat Year Did It Happen?  madman15135.6
49 World Explorers EssentialsHistory, Exploration  madman16969.5

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