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Quizzes submitted by patrickryan

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Abigail AdamsPresidential First LadiesAbigail Adams  patrickryan45356
2 Alan Shepard, Jr - American Astronaut and Naval AviatorAmerican History, Space Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Alan B Shepard Jr. patrickryan8049.6
3 Alfred NobelHistory, ScientistsAlfred B Nobel  patrickryan28657.5
4 Allen Ginsberg: Beat PoetAmerican CultureAllen Ginsberg  patrickryan4661.3
5 American Presidential ElectionsAmerican Presidents, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan71344.6
6 Anthony B. HerbertAuthors, Vietnam War, Korean War, American MilitaryAnthony B Herbert  patrickryan10069.4
7 Archimedes of SyracuseAncient History, ScientistsArchimedes  patrickryan10362.5
8 Astronauts: Folks in SpaceSpace Exploration  patrickryan5151.6
9 Athletes Behaving BadlySports, American Culture  patrickryan6861.9
10 The “41 for Freedom” - The First Flight of ShipsAmerican History, American Military  patrickryan1162.7
11 Barney Frank: Massachusetts CongresspersonAmerican GovernmentBarney Frank  patrickryan1962.1
12 Barry Sadler: Green Beret, Singer, and AuthorVietnam War, American Military, American AuthorsBarry Sadler  patrickryan6639.7
13 Benedict Arnold - General in Two Armies!American History, American Revolutionary War, American Military, British HistoryBenedict Arnold  patrickryan16360
14 "Black Jack" PershingAmerican History, World War I, American MilitaryJohn J Pershing  patrickryan13548.1
15 Brigham Young: Morman Leader and ExplorerChristianity, American HistoryBrigham Young  patrickryan9463.6
16 Captain William Kidd - PrivateerBritish HistoryWilliam Kidd  patrickryan2241.8
17 Celebrities Behaving Badly on PlanesMovie Stars, Singers  patrickryan5455
18 Celebrities Missing a Digit or Parts ThereofCulture  patrickryan9447.8
19 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 12Celebrities' Real Names  patrickryan5568.9
20 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 13Celebrities' Real Names  patrickryan5753.9
21 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 14Celebrities' Real Names  patrickryan4866.7
22 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 15Celebrities' Real Names  patrickryan5966.6
23 Celebrity TriviaAmerican Culture  patrickryan13958.1
24 Celebrity Trivia #2American Culture  patrickryan8943.1
25 Chester Nimitz: Fleet AdmiralWorld War II, American MilitaryChester W Nimitz  patrickryan7354.7
26 Commander Lloyd Mark "Pete" BucherAmerican History, Vietnam WarLloyd M Bucher  patrickryan1459.3
27 Counter-Culture FiguresHistory, Culture  patrickryan6162
28 Daniel Webster - American StatesmanAmerican History, American Civil WarDaniel Webster  patrickryan7441.2
29 David "Davy" CrockettAmerican History, American Frontier Explorers, American CultureDavy Crockett  patrickryan54954.1
30 Deep Submergence Vessel (NR-1)Deep Sea Exploration  patrickryan1842.8
31 Deke SlaytonSpace Exploration, American MilitaryDeke Slayton  patrickryan2261.8
32 DeWitt Clinton: Digger of the DitchAmerican History, American GovernmentDewitt Clinton  patrickryan1560
33 Douglas MacArthur: General of the Army - Part TwoWorld War II, American MilitaryDouglas MacArthur  patrickryan8654
34 Douglas MacArthur: U.S. Army GeneralWorld War I, World War II, Korean War, American MilitaryDouglas MacArthur  patrickryan33953.1
35 Edgar Allan PoeAmerican AuthorsEdgar A Poe  patrickryan10158.2
36 Edward Butch O'Hare: US Military HeroWorld War II, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, American MilitaryEdward O'Hare  patrickryan3557.4
37 Edward TellerAmerican History, Technology, ScientistsEdward Teller  patrickryan2052
38 Ernest Hemingway: "Papa"Authors, American AuthorsErnest M Hemingway  patrickryan5865.2
39 Famous Last Words: Part 3American History  patrickryan4443
40 Famous Quotes from Famous People #2History  patrickryan4342.1
41 First AidDoctors & Medicine  patrickryan28967.5
42 First Attempted Assassination of a PresidentAmerican Presidents, Assassinations  patrickryan8462.9
43 Franklin D. Roosevelt Facts: Part 3American Presidents, World War II, World Leaders, American GovernmentFranklin D Roosevelt  patrickryan51759.7
44 G. Gordon Liddy: Watergate LeaderAmerican History, Crime & Law, RadioG. Gordon Liddy  patrickryan3663.6
45 G.A. Custer: He Met His At Little Big HornAmerican History, American Civil War, American Culture, American MilitaryGeorge A Custer  patrickryan22467.9
46 George Dewey - US AdmiralAmerican MilitaryGeorge Dewey  patrickryan1154.5
47 Gordon Cooper: American Astronaut Space Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Gordon Cooper  patrickryan2659.2
48 Great Opening Lines of Literature!Literature  patrickryan3062
49 Gregory "Pappy" BoyingtonWorld War IIGregory Boyington  patrickryan7767.3
50 Grigori Rasputin: Mystic or Charlatan?Christianity, Russian HistoryGrigori Y Rasputin  patrickryan7662.9
51 Gus Grissom: American AstronautSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, American MilitaryVirgil Grissom  patrickryan5562.4
52 Harry Truman and the BombAmerican Presidents, World War II, American MilitaryHarry S Truman  patrickryan54547.2
53 Henry Wallace: 33rd US Vice PresidentAmerican Vice PresidentsHenry Wallace  patrickryan2260.5
54 Herman Melville: American Author and SailorAmerican History, American AuthorsHerman Melville  patrickryan6253.4
55 Hugh Glass - Mountain ManAmerican History  patrickryan8258.4
56 Hunter S Thompson: Gonzo ReporterAmerican Culture, American AuthorsHunter S Thompson  patrickryan11160.5
57 Hyman G. RickoverAmerican History, American MilitaryHyman G Rickover  patrickryan7655.8
58 Isaac Jogues: Jesuit Priest, Missionary, and MartyrAmerican HistoryIsaac Jogues  patrickryan465
59 Ivy League UniversitiesColleges & Universities  patrickryan12575.7
60 James Fenimore CooperAmerican AuthorsJames F Cooper  patrickryan7242.4
61 James Watt - Engineer!Technology, ScientistsJames Watt  patrickryan14438.1
62 Jesus Christ - The Reason for ChristmasHistory, Religion, Christianity, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Jesus Christ  patrickryan11761.3
63 Jim Thorpe: American Athlete ExtraordinaireOlympic SportsJim Thorpe  patrickryan7351.2
64 John Adams: 2nd U.S. President, Part 2American Presidents, American Revolutionary War, World Leaders, American Vice PresidentsJohn Adams  patrickryan18566.1
65 John Glenn - Astronaut and AviatorSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!John H Glenn  patrickryan13848.6
66 John HancockAmerican History, American Founding FathersJohn Hancock  patrickryan17549.7
67 John Paul Jones: Naval HeroAmerican History, American Revolutionary War, American MilitaryJohn Paul Jones  patrickryan22459.2
68 Josey Wales - Outlaw!Western Movies, Fictional Characters  patrickryan67884.3
69 Julius Robert Oppenheimer - Manhattan Project ScientistWorld War II, Science & Nature, Technology, ScientistsJ. Robert Oppenheimer  patrickryan10251
70 Kennedy Family Tragedies: Part 2American History  patrickryan14465.3
71 Kurt VonnegutAmerican AuthorsKurt Vonnegut  patrickryan3858.9
72 Léon Theremin: Electronics WhizHistory, Music, ScientistsLéon Theremin  patrickryan658.3
73 Left-Handers: Sinistra or Dexter?Culture  patrickryan1044
74 Leslie Richard Groves, Jr.American History, World War II, American MilitaryLeslie Groves  patrickryan2367.4
75 Lewis "Chesty" Puller: A Marine's Marine!American History, World War II, American MilitaryLewis Puller  patrickryan5352.8
76 Lost Submarines: Post WWIIHistory, Deep Sea Exploration, Technology  patrickryan2241.8
77 Louis Dearborn L'Amour - Iconic Western AuthorAmerican Culture, American AuthorsLouis D L'Amour  patrickryan946.7
78 Malcolm X: Civil Rights LeaderAmerican History, American Culture, AuthorsMalcolm X  patrickryan4655.9
79 Margaret SangerHistory, American CultureMargaret Sanger  patrickryan9054.4
80 Mark Twain: Greatest American HumoristAmerican Culture, Authors, American AuthorsMark Twain  patrickryan8758
81 Match the Book to the AuthorFiction Books, American Authors  patrickryan8979.1
82 Menachem Begin: Israeli Leader and Nobel Prize WinnerWorld Leaders, Israeli HistoryMenachem Begin  patrickryan2458.3
83 Meriwether LewisAmerican History, American Frontier ExplorersMeriwether Lewis  patrickryan8361.8
84 Mike WallaceTV News Shows, TV Sportscasters, TV Game Shows, Television StarsMike Wallace  patrickryan2548.8
85 Moon Walkers and Those That Circled the MoonHistory, Space Exploration  patrickryan3362.4
86 Nathaniel HawthorneAmerican Culture, American AuthorsNathaniel Hawthorne  patrickryan13151.6
87 Naval Quotes in American HistoryAmerican History, American Military  patrickryan3635.6
88 Neil Armstrong: Astronaut and Naval AviatorSpace Exploration, Amazing "Firsts" in History!Neil A Armstrong  patrickryan32447.7
89 Niccolò di Bernardo dei MachiavelliAuthors, Italian HistoryNiccolò Machiavelli  patrickryan4764
90 Nicola Tesla: Inventor and GeniusTechnology, ScientistsNicola Tesla  patrickryan3351.2
91 Nuclear DisastersTechnology  patrickryan8038.6
92 Oliver Winchester - American Businessman and PoliticianAmerican History, Business, TechnologyOliver Winchester  patrickryan1160
93 Phobias - "The Fear of..." Part 3Science & Nature, Doctors & Medicine  patrickryan2457.1
94 Phobias - "The Fear of..." Part 4Science & Nature, Doctors & Medicine  patrickryan1657.5
95 Phobias - "The Fear of..." Part 5Science & Nature, Doctors & Medicine  patrickryan1656.9
96 Phobias - "The Fear of..." Part 6Science & Nature, Doctors & Medicine  patrickryan3144.2
97 Power GenerationScience & Nature, Technology, Culture  patrickryan3531.7
98 Quotes about PoliticiansAmerican Government, American Culture  patrickryan5038.2
99 Quotes about Politicians: Part IIAmerican Government, American Culture  patrickryan2656.2
100 Ralph Nader: Presidential Candidate and Car CriticAmerican History, American CultureRalph Nader  patrickryan2652.7

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