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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 American Flag Facts & HistoryAmerican History, American Government, American Culture, North American Geography  tazzytina9,37079.5
3 Jayne Mansfield: Blonde TemptressMovie StarsJayne Mansfield  tazzytina15862
4 Chocolate: Learn All About It!American Culture, Food & Drink  tazzytina47945.1
5 U.S. State MottosAmerican Culture, U.S. States  tazzytina16740.5
6 World CapitalsGeography  tazzytina24677.9
7 John Wayne: The Actor, The LegendMovie StarsJohn Wayne  tazzytina1,50856.3
8 Queen, The Legendary Rock GroupAlternative Rock, Glam Rock  tazzytina53260.7
9 Freddie Mercury: Queen's LeaderRock MusicFreddie Mercury  tazzytina50978.2
10 Airwolf: The TV SeriesAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina18479.6
11 U.S.A. - State Nicknames Match GameAmerican Culture, U.S. States  tazzytina45762.3
12 1980 World SeriesMajor League Baseball  tazzytina23576.9
13 The 1980's Decade FactsHistory, Culture  tazzytina26853.3
14 Company FoundersBusiness  tazzytina13245.8
15 The Jeffersons - Wacky American Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  tazzytina91086.6
16 Alex Trebek: Jeopardy! HostTV Game ShowsAlex Trebek  tazzytina31245.2
17 Battle of GettysburgAmerican Civil War  tazzytina1,57575.8
18 The Wonder Years: American Comedy-DramaTV Dramadey  tazzytina16283.8
19 Michael Landon: Personal Life of a CelebrityTelevision StarsMichael Landon  tazzytina41062.9
20 Lucille Ball, America's Favorite Red HeadI Love Lucy, Television StarsLucille Ball  tazzytina40769.1
21 Assassinations the World OverHistory, World Leaders, Assassinations  tazzytina42463.1
22 ML Baseball: Name That Team #1Major League Baseball  tazzytina21280.5
23 ML Baseball: Name That Team # 2Major League Baseball  tazzytina18980.1
24 Star Trek: The Next GenerationTV Sci-Fi, Star Trek: The Next Generation  tazzytina11686.7
25 The Golden Girls - Four Funny Ladies!American TV Sitcoms  tazzytina1,45484.6
26 The "ology" QuizScience & Nature  tazzytina20482.5
27 ER: American Medical DramaAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina18988.3
28 The Waltons: Rural Virginia FamilyAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina1,30881.5
29 Growing Pains: Cutie-Pie 80s SitcomAmerican TV Sitcoms  tazzytina44884.5
30 Law and Order: Special Victims UnitAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina1,27077.9
31 Little House on the Prairie FactsAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina58568.7
32 Star Trek, The Next Generation: Characters: Lt. DataFictional Characters, Star Trek: The Next Generation  tazzytina21081.3
33 Coach: Sporty TV Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  tazzytina38981
34 CSI: Miami - Super Cop ShowAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina48270.7
35 Top Gun Movie TidbitsDrama Movies  tazzytina97978.7
36 Product Slogans #3Business, American Culture  tazzytina38677.2
37 The RiflemanAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina2,68280.7
38 It Happened on this Date in History!History  tazzytina19061.8
39 Presidential Assassinations: Dates Of InfamyAmerican Presidents, Assassinations  tazzytina36581.9
40 Walker, Texas RangerAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina38183.4
41 Bowling: All About the RulesBowling  tazzytina39483.1
42 American Idol: Seeking Talent #1TV Reality Shows  tazzytina22681.3
43 Law and Order: The Original SeriesAmerican TV Dramas  tazzytina17876

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