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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 The A-Team: Action Adventure SeriesAmerican TV Dramas  scarlettem13364.5
2 Alvin C. York: American HeroAmerican History, World War IAlvin C York  scarlettem45765.2
3 Anne of Green Gables Characters: Anne ShirleyFictional Characters  scarlettem10874.3
4 Author - Character MatchFiction Books, Authors  scarlettem12453
5 Barbaro, the Brave HorseSports  scarlettem8171.1
6 Barbour County, West VirginiaNorth American Geography  scarlettem4065.5
7 Bob KeeshanTV, Radio & StageBob Keeshan  scarlettem7856.2
8 Braun's "The Cat Who...." Mystery Series QuizFiction Books  scarlettem8582.4
9 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #3Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem13277.4
10 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #4Movie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem12967.8
11 Chuck Yeager: American PilotAmerican History, American MilitaryChuck Yeager  scarlettem21467.2
12 Classic Country Music Lyric-Title MatchCountry Music  scarlettem1,54169.7
13 Colonel John J. Astor: Titanic VictimAmerican History, BusinessJohn J Astor IV  scarlettem6847.4
14 Country Singers in the MoviesMovies, Country Music  scarlettem39965.9
15 Dave Matthews: Musician Extraordinaire!MusicDave Matthews  scarlettem17260.9
16 Dean Martin: His Movie Characters #1Movie Stars' Movie CharactersDean Martin  scarlettem6652.7
17 Dean Martin: Personal FactsMovie Stars, SingersDean Martin  scarlettem49263.8
18 Desi Arnaz: Cuban Band Leader and TV StarMusic, I Love Lucy, Television StarsDesi Arnaz  scarlettem34149.5
19 Dog: Professional Bounty HunterCrime & LawDuane Chapman  scarlettem25675.5
20 Eddie Anderson: Song and Dance ManTV, Radio & StageEddie Anderson  scarlettem4076
21 Eddie Vedder: Great Musician!Rock MusicEddie Vedder  scarlettem29971.7
22 Elmo Zumwalt Jr. - Military ManAmerican HistoryElmo Zumwalt Jr.  scarlettem2674.6
23 Etta James: R & B SingerR&B MusicEtta James  scarlettem30852.4
24 Famous Women Married to Famous MenMovie Stars, Television Stars  scarlettem18083
25 Frank James, Brother of Jesse JamesOld West Lawmen & Outlaws, American CultureFrank James  scarlettem34351.7
26 Frank Sinatra: His Movie Characters #1Movie Stars' Movie CharactersFrank A Sinatra  scarlettem5160.6
27 Frank Zappa: American Musican and ComposerProgressive Rock, Singers, Alternative RockFrank Zappa  scarlettem27069.4
28 Gary Cooper: Hollywood IconMovie StarsGary Cooper  scarlettem26057
29 Gene Autry: Cowboy ActorSingersGene Autry  scarlettem18346.7
30 Grab BagAmerican Culture  scarlettem19755.5
31 Hank Williams: Super Singer and SongwriterCountry MusicHank Williams  scarlettem23163.1
32 Harvey Characters: Elwood P. DowdFictional Characters  scarlettem3878.4
33 The Hatfields & The McCoys: American FeudAmerican History, American Culture  scarlettem1,30763.8
34 Have Gun Will Travel Characters: PaladinTV, Radio & Stage, Fictional Characters  scarlettem28079
35 Hazel: Super 60s Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  scarlettem62489.3
36 Henry Mancini: Famous ComposerMusicHenry Mancini  scarlettem3842.9
37 HM Queen Elizabeth: The Queen MotherBritish RoyaltyElizabeth The Queen Mother  scarlettem28966.6
38 Humphrey Bogart: Tough Guy ActorMovie StarsHumphrey Bogart  scarlettem20360.1
39 Indian Larry, Chopper RoyaltyTV Reality Shows  scarlettem3764.6
40 Indian Larry: Chopper RoyaltyAmerican CultureIndian Larry  scarlettem32460.8
41 Ira Hayes: Honorable WarriorAmerican HistoryIra Hayes  scarlettem10566
42 Ira Louvin: Country MusicianCountry MusicIra Louvin  scarlettem2862.1
43 Jack Benny: Talented EntertainerTV, Radio & Stage, ComediansJack Benny  scarlettem12465
44 Jack Clement: Legendary SingerCountry MusicJack Clement  scarlettem2053
45 Jack Daniel: Southern BusinessmanBusinessJack Daniel  scarlettem20058.2
46 Jan and DeanMusic  scarlettem3075
47 Jan and Dean: Rock and Roll DuoMusic  scarlettem12269.5
48 Janet Evanovich: Successful AuthorAmerican AuthorsJanet Evanovich  scarlettem3651.4
49 Jesse James: The OutlawAmerican History, Old West Lawmen & OutlawsJesse James  scarlettem7,41062.9
50 Jim Reeves: Country Music StarCountry Music, Pop MusicJim Reeves  scarlettem24863.8
51 John Hiatt: American MusicianCountry MusicJohn Hiatt  scarlettem3461.5
52 John Wayne: His Life & CareerMovie StarsJohn Wayne  scarlettem13149.4
53 L.M. Montgomery: Canadian AuthorAuthorsL.M. Montgomery  scarlettem8264.9
54 Loretta Lynn: Country Music SensationCountry MusicLoretta Lynn  scarlettem67680.9
55 Louis L'Amour: Great American AuthorAmerican AuthorsLouis D L'Amour  scarlettem9761.6
56 Lucky Luciano: Organized Crime MastermindOrganized CrimeLucky Luciano  scarlettem40753.1
57 Lyndon B. Johnson: 36th U.S PresidentAmerican Presidents, World Leaders, Vietnam WarLyndon B Johnson  scarlettem56260.2
58 Margaret Mitchell: Southern AuthorAmerican AuthorsMargaret Mitchell  scarlettem6254.8
59 Marty Robbins: Country Music LegendCountry MusicMarty Robbins  scarlettem16552.2
60 Massad F. AyoobCrime & LawMassad F. Ayoob  scarlettem6983.8
61 Maureen O'Hara: Classic ActressMovie StarsMaureen O'Hara  scarlettem13558.7
62 Meet Pooh KittyYour Family Quizzes  scarlettem1630
63 Men's Names In Song TitlesMusic  scarlettem7440.5
64 Mister Rogers: A Friend to ChildrenTV, Radio & StageFred Rogers  scarlettem19841.6
65 Neil Young: More Than A SingerRock -n- RollNeil Young  scarlettem15374.9
66 Patsy Cline: Legendary Country SingerSingersPatsy Cline  scarlettem20855
67 The Phoebe FactsPersonal Quizzes  scarlettem1658.8
68 Presidential PetsAmerican Presidents  scarlettem10454
69 Prince PhilipBritish RoyaltyPrince Philip  scarlettem28559.5
70 Queen Victoria: 19th Century QueenHistory, British RoyaltyQueen Victoria  scarlettem43372.5
71 Rat Pack - Fun Unlimited!Pop Music  scarlettem52453.6
72 Richard Nixon: 37th U.S. PresidentAmerican Presidents, World Leaders, Vietnam WarRichard M Nixon  scarlettem96662.7
73 Ricky Nelson: Teen IdolSingers, Television StarsRicky Nelson  scarlettem18168.3
74 Robert C. Byrd: American StatesmanAmerican GovernmentRobert C. Byrd  scarlettem4670.2
75 Robert E. Lee: Celebrated Confederate GeneralAmerican Civil WarRobert E Lee  scarlettem1,04068.9
76 Robert Mitchum: Articulate ActorMovie StarsRobert Mitchum  scarlettem11760.3
77 Rosemary Clooney: American Pop SingerSingersRosemary Clooney  scarlettem8258.8
78 Seattle Slew: American ChampionSports  scarlettem4746.2
79 Sherlock Holmes: Intellectual DetectiveFiction Books, Fictional Characters  scarlettem8261.5
80 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Amazing Author!British AuthorsArthur C Doyle  scarlettem15961.7
81 The Sopranos Characters: Tony SopranoFictional Characters  scarlettem8693
82 The Statler Brothers: Country GentlemenMusic, Country Music  scarlettem21062.8
83 Steve Van Zandt: American MusicianRock MusicSteven Van Zandt  scarlettem4349.8
84 The Sullivan Brothers: Military HeroesWorld War II, American Military  scarlettem14749.5
85 Terry Bradshaw: Legendary QuarterbackNFL Football, College FootballTerry Bradshaw  scarlettem16263.3
86 They Died Young --- How Did They Die?History  scarlettem17565.8
87 Thomas Mitchell: American Character ActorMovie StarsThomas Mitchell  scarlettem1752.9
88 Toby Keith: Handsome Country SingerCountry MusicToby Keith  scarlettem20058.8
89 Tom T. Hall: Country Music Star!Country MusicTom T Hall  scarlettem14059.1
90 Track Down These Sleuths!Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  scarlettem8448.9
91 Tragedy! - Match the Date & Time to DisasterHistory  scarlettem12250.4
92 Waylon Jennings: Country OutlawCountry MusicWaylon Jennings  scarlettem39872.3
93 We're With The BandMusic  scarlettem2983.1
94 We're With The Band IIMusic  scarlettem2369.6
95 Where Were These Celebrities Born?Movie Stars, Singers, Television Stars  scarlettem8659.4
96 Willie Nelson: Country Music LegendCountry MusicWillie Nelson  scarlettem36257
97 Women's Names in Song TitlesMusic  scarlettem4760.6

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