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Trivia Quizzes - Sports

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Lou FerrignoTelevision Stars, Sports, Movie StarsLou Ferrigno  bill2478.3
3 Masters Tournament Firsts #2Sports  garrett5839.8
4 Masters Tournament FirstsSports  garrett18440.4
5 Sports RookiesSports  arnold5540.4
6 Evel Knievel: American DaredevilSportsEvel Knievel  madman9647.8
7 Cheerleading and Rules #3Sports  BubblyJolie2137.1
8 Cheerleading and Rules #2Sports  BubblyJolie1558
9 Cheerleading and RulesSports  BubblyJolie2254.1
10 Famous July 4th BirthdaysSports, Movie Stars, Authors, Television Stars  solitaire5658
11 Barbaro, the Brave HorseSports  scarlettem8471.4
12 Seattle Slew: American ChampionSports  scarlettem4846.5
13 Jim Abbott: One Handed Wonder!Sports, Major League BaseballJim Abbott  trickymutha18161.4
14 Roger Federer - Tennis IconSports, TennisRoger Federer  grant2282255
15 Olympic Games PotpourriSports, Olympic Sports  grant2284337.7
16 Muhammad Ali - Sporting LegendSports, American History, BoxingMuhammad Ali  grant22819265.7
17 Esther Williams - "America's Mermaid"Sports, Movie StarsEsther Williams  grant2284255.7
18 Rod Laver - Tennis ImmortalSports, Tennis  grant2282849.6
19 The AshesSports  grant228544
20 Ian Thorpe - Australia's Most Successful OlympianSports, Olympic Sports  grant2282651.9
21 Dawn Fraser - "World Athlete of the Century"Sports, Australian History, Olympic Sports  grant2284237.9
22 Johnny Weissmuller - The Definitive TarzanSports, American History, Movie StarsJohnny Weissmuller  grant2285764.2
23 The Sydney SwansSports, Football, Australian Football League  grant2289766.1
24 Secretariat - Super Horse History, Sports, American History  grant22820671.9
25 Sachin Tendulkar - India's Cricketing MaestroSports, Indian History  grant2281651.9
26 Serena Williams - Tennis SuperstarSports, TennisSerena Williams  grant2284048.5
27 Usain Bolt - The Lightning BoltSports, Olympic Sports  grant22810256.4
28 English Channel SwimsHistory, Sports  grant2281454.3
29 1980s International SportSports  grant2281,12847
30 Chess ChampionsSports, Fine Arts  grant2281536
31 The Melbourne CupSports  grant2281656.9
32 Australian Sporting FactsSports  grant2281240.8
33 Sporting NicknamesSports  grant2285259
34 Phar Lap - Australia's Equine HeroSports, Australian History  grant2285865
35 Sir Donald Bradman - "The Don"Sports, Australian HistoryDonald Bradman  grant2287256.7
36 Jesse Owens - Great Sportsman and HumanitarianSportsJesse Owens  grant22833149.1
37 College and University Mascot Nicknames: Part ISports, Colleges & Universities  FRANKL196514954.1
38 College and University Mascot Nicknames: Part IISports, Colleges & Universities  FRANKL196511858.5
39 U.S. Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing: WinnersSports  FRANKL19652080
40 Athletes Behaving BadlySports, American Culture  patrickryan7162
41 Manny RamirezSports, Major League BaseballManny Ramirez  dartjock2353.9
42 Willie Shoemaker: Hall of Fame JockeySportsWillie Shoemaker  dartjock550
43 Derek Jeter Sports, Major League BaseballDerek S Jeter  dartjock4457.5
44 Baseball Players' NicknamesSports  dartjock4073.8
45 John Madden- NFL IconSportsJohn Madden  dartjock2641.9
46 March Madness!Sports, College Basketball - Men's  dartjock4357.4
47 Bo Jackson- Bo Knows!SportsBo Jackson  dartjock22962.8
48 1973- The Year in U.S. SportsSports  dartjock3247.8
49 Deion Sanders- Two Sport StarSportsDeion Sanders  dartjock14856.4
50 Lance Armstrong - Tour de France ChampionSportsLance Armstrong  dartjock3661.7
51 Marv Albert - Sportscasting LegendSportsMarv Albert  dartjock1164.5
52 Hank Aaron - Hitting MachineSportsHank Aaron  dartjock14459
53 David Ortiz: A Great Clutch HitterSports, Major League BaseballDavid Ortiz  dartjock25159.8
54 MLB Player Jersey MatchSports, Major League Baseball  dartjock3084.7
55 Joey VottoSports, Major League BaseballJoey Votto  dartjock10850
56 ESPN Sports Anchors and ReportersSports, TV Sportscasters  dartjock2960
57 WrestlemaniaTV, Radio & Stage, Sports, American Culture, Professional Wrestling  dartjock4952.2
58 Hall of Fame LocationsSports  dartjock472.5
59 Sports MoviesSports, Movies  dartjock2379.6
60 Curling: A "Cool" SportSports, Olympic Sports  5074
61 Jim Thorpe: All Around ChampionSports, American CultureJim Thorpe  KenKraska4767.9

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