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Trivia Quizzes - World War II

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Robert Menzies: 12th Australian Prime MinisterWorld War II, World Leaders, Australian Prime MinistersRobert Menzies  bill8751.7
3 Franklin D. Roosevelt: 32nd U.S. President - His Third TermAmerican Presidents, World War II, World LeadersFranklin D Roosevelt  bill17253.8
4 Franklin D. Roosevelt: 32nd U.S. President - His Final MonthsAmerican Presidents, World War II, World LeadersFranklin D Roosevelt  bill23570.3
5 World War II: D-Day FactsWorld War II  bill11282.7
6 Adolf Hitler: His Early LifeWorld War II, World Leaders, War Crime, German HistoryAdolf Hitler  bill58855
7 World War II BasicsWorld War II  russies63159.9
8 Pearl Harbor: "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"American History, World War II  BubblyJolie1,74860.5
9 Anne Frank: World War II Diary AuthorWorld War IIAnne Frank  phonerec21866.6
10 The Sullivan Brothers: Military HeroesWorld War II, American Military  scarlettem14849.3
11 Audie Murphy - Decorated War Hero and ActorAmerican History, Movie Stars, World War IIAudie L Murphy  grant22829965.6
12 World War II BattlesHistory, World War II  grant2289653.6
13 Joseph Stalin - Brutal Soviet RulerWorld War II, World Leaders, Russian HistoryJoseph Stalin  grant22821159.1
14 Battle of MidwayAmerican History, World War II  grant22849858.7
15 Hitler's HenchmenWorld War II, German History  grant22817276.2
16 Adolf Hitler - His Later LifeHistory, World War II, German HistoryAdolf Hitler  grant22816577.9
17 The Dambusters - Audacious Military MissionWorld War II, German History  grant22812679.1
18 Bernard Montgomery - El Alamein SupremoHistory, World War II, British History  grant2286243.9
19 D-Day Part IIHistory, World War II  grant2287948
20 World War II - 1939History, World War II  grant2283653.3
21 Battle of the BulgeHistory, World War II  grant2281554.7
22 Desmond Doss - The Bravest of the BraveHistory, American History, World War II  grant2282678.1
23 World War II 1945 - The Pacific CampaignHistory, World War II  grant2281157.3
24 World War II 1945 - The European CampaignHistory, World War II  grant2281254.2
25 World War II 1944 - Part 2History, World War II  grant2281052
26 World War II - 1944 Part 1History, World War II  grant2281248.3
27 World War II - 1942History, World War II  grant2282257.7
28 World War II - 1941History, World War II  grant2282160
29 World War II - 1940History, World War II  grant2281654.4
30 Wilhelm Gustloff - World's Worst Naval DisasterWorld War II, German History  grant2285169.6
31 Omar Bradley - The G. I.s' GeneralAmerican History, World War IIOmar Bradley  grant2286760.9
32 Franklin Roosevelt FactsAmerican Presidents, World War IIFranklin D Roosevelt  grant22834742
33 Franklin Roosevelt Facts: Part 2American Presidents, World War IIFranklin D Roosevelt  grant22815056.4
34 George S. Patton: American WarriorAmerican History, World War IIGeorge S Patton  grant22847071.4
35 Winston Churchill: Legendary English LeaderWorld War II, World Leaders, British Prime MinistersWinston S Churchill  grant22815351.8
36 Famous Flyers: Amazing Pilots!World War II  grant22814258.9
37 Nancy Wake - Decorated Woman of WWIIWorld War II, Australian HistoryNancy Wake  grant2285359.4
38 Harry Truman: 33rd U.S. PresidentAmerican Presidents, World War II, World Leaders, Korean WarHarry S Truman  grant22842059
39 Military Operations & Their Code NamesHistory, World War II  grant2285862.1
40 Mussolini - Il DuceHistory, World War II, Italian HistoryBenito A Mussolini  grant22829454.2
41 World War II - 1943History, World War II  grant2281063
42 Edward Butch O'Hare: US Military HeroWorld War II, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, American MilitaryEdward O'Hare  patrickryan3657.2
43 Roy Davenport: WWII Submarine SkipperAmerican History, World War II, American MilitaryRoy Davenport  patrickryan2843.2
44 Harry Truman and the BombAmerican Presidents, World War II, American MilitaryHarry S Truman  patrickryan54947.2
45 Julius Robert Oppenheimer - Manhattan Project ScientistWorld War II, Science & Nature, Technology, ScientistsJ. Robert Oppenheimer  patrickryan11051.2
46 Franklin D. Roosevelt Facts: Part 3American Presidents, World War II, World Leaders, American GovernmentFranklin D Roosevelt  patrickryan58359.9
47 Douglas MacArthur: General of the Army - Part TwoWorld War II, American MilitaryDouglas MacArthur  patrickryan9254.2
48 Leslie Richard Groves, Jr.American History, World War II, American MilitaryLeslie Groves  patrickryan2367.4
49 Gregory "Pappy" BoyingtonWorld War IIGregory Boyington  patrickryan7867.6
50 Douglas MacArthur: U.S. Army GeneralWorld War I, World War II, Korean War, American MilitaryDouglas MacArthur  patrickryan37352.8
51 Richard “Dick” O'Kane: The Bravest ManAmerican History, World War II, American MilitaryRichard O'Kane  patrickryan3159.4
52 Lewis "Chesty" Puller: A Marine's Marine!American History, World War II, American MilitaryLewis Puller  patrickryan5652.3
53 Chester Nimitz: Fleet AdmiralWorld War II, American MilitaryChester W Nimitz  patrickryan8056
54 The Battle of BritainWorld War II, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, British History  KenKraska43142.2

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