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Trivia Quizzes - History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Gregor Mendel: Genius Geneticist!History, Science & NatureGregor Mendel  bill17146.3
3 Vlad III Dracula: aka. Vlad the ImpalerHistory, Royalty, Mass Murderers Vlad the Impaler  bill34066.8
4 Black FridayHistory, Culture  bill60646.8
5 Serial Killers' LairsHistory, Serial Killers  catherine70564
6 Napoleon Bonaparte: French Military LeaderHistory, French HistoryNapoleon Bonaparte  dave91361.6
7 Rolls Royce - The Partnership that built an icon.History, Automotive Industry, British History  dave285
8 World Explorers EssentialsHistory, Exploration  madman17169.6
9 Leap Year BirthdaysHistory, Culture  madman7032.4
10 Random Historical FactsHistory  BubblyJolie15547.4
11 January 9th BirthdatesHistory  lmcubs3862.1
12 The Kennedys: The First Three GenerationsHistory, American Presidents  lmcubs12872.3
13 The Kennedys: The Fourth GenerationHistory, American Government  lmcubs15877
14 State Quarters #1History, American Culture  lmcubs9569.7
15 Tragedy! - Match the Date & Time to DisasterHistory  scarlettem12250.4
16 They Died Young --- How Did They Die?History  scarlettem17965.5
17 Queen Victoria: 19th Century QueenHistory, British RoyaltyQueen Victoria  scarlettem43372.5
18 Famous Quotes from Famous PeopleHistory  LittleLady18425.3
19 It Happened on this Date in History!History  tazzytina18761.4
20 Assassinations the World OverHistory, World Leaders, Assassinations  tazzytina42262.9
21 The 1980's Decade FactsHistory, Culture  tazzytina27053.6
22 The "Only" BasicsHistory, Science & Nature, Culture  0zero018554.8
23 Titanic - Pride of the White Star LineHistory  0zero042460.5
24 Daylight Saving TimeHistory, Culture  0zero02,51552.9
25 Women Who Were First at SomethingHistory, Amazing "Firsts" in History!  0zero018629.9
26 Countries at WarHistory  calusk11365.7
27 Geographic Names Shared With Famous PeopleHistory, Geography  grant22814653.8
28 Famous Last WordsHistory, Culture  grant22820232.4
29 Famous Last Words: Part 2History  grant2287127.7
30 Middle Names of Famous Middle Initial UsersHistory  grant22825832.8
31 Henry VIII: Iron Fisted RulerHistory, British Royalty  grant22823674.7
32 Assassinations the World Over: Part IIHistory, World Leaders, Assassinations  grant22816758.1
33 Quotable QuotesHistory, Culture  grant2283553.1
34 Queen Victoria: The Monarch Who Wasn't AmusedHistory, British RoyaltyQueen Victoria  grant22820169.7
35 Famous Dogs in HistoryHistory, Culture  grant22821948.9
36 What's the Link Between These Famous People?History  grant2288131.5
37 Nobel Peace PrizeHistory  grant2282651.5
38 Famous ShipsHistory, Exploration  grant22818264.9
39 First Women Presidents & First Women Prime MinistersHistory  grant2282763.3
40 Famous People Named SmithHistory, World Culture  grant22851561
41 Classic Political InsultsHistory  grant2283740
42 Classic Political Insults 2History  grant2282028.5
43 Helen Keller - An Inspiration to All!History, American HistoryHelen A Keller  grant22822346.1
44 The 1970s: Name the YearHistory, What Year Did It Happen?  grant22830741
45 Tragic Place NamesHistory  grant2283463.2
46 Wives of Famous MenHistory  grant2286844.7
47 Margaret Thatcher - The Lady Who Was Not for TurningHistory, British History, British Prime MinistersMargaret H Thatcher  grant22819053.6
48 Name the CenturyHistory  grant2281738.2
49 Age of DiscoveryHistory, European Age of Discovery  grant2289452.1
50 Mozart : Musical GeniusHistory, Classical MusicWolfgang A Mozart  grant2289362.3
51 Claudius - Emperor of RomeAncient History, History  grant2282270.5
52 Galileo - Part IIHistory, Science & Nature, Scientists, Italian HistoryGalileo Galilei  grant2281238.3
53 William the ConquerorHistory, British History  grant22892954.4
54 The 1990s : Events and Cultural FluffHistory, Culture  grant22812238
55 Stirring SpeechesHistory  grant2281836.1
56 Mary, Queen of ScotsHistory, British HistoryMary Queen of Scots  grant22834167.6
57 Martha Washington - America's First LadyHistory, American History, Presidential First LadiesMartha C Washington  grant2284251
58 Forthright Female QuotesHistory, Culture  grant228552
59 Mary Baker Eddy - Church FounderHistory, Religion, American HistoryMary B Eddy  grant2281859.4
60 Bertrand Russell - British PhilosopherHistory, British History  grant22838942.1
61 Mistresses - Friends of the Rich and PowerfulHistory, Royalty  grant2283760.3
62 Henry Kissinger - Negotiator with the WorldHistory, American HistoryHenry Kissinger  grant2286654.7
63 Mussolini - Il DuceHistory, World War II, Italian HistoryBenito A Mussolini  grant22828753.8
64 Napoleon Bonaparte - Part IIHistory, French HistoryNapoleon Bonaparte  grant22811656.9
65 ANZACS at Gallipoli - Part IIHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant2281251.7
66 About Being a GentlemanHistory, Culture  grant2284043.5
67 Black QuizHistory, Culture  grant2282245
68 Famous Dogs of History - Part IIHistory, Animals & Animal Study, Culture  grant2289933.7
69 Lions Through the AgesHistory, Animals & Animal Study  grant2283045.7
70 Gold QuizHistory, World Culture  grant2287652
71 Number QuizHistory  grant2281253.3
72 Number QuizHistory, Culture  grant2281100
73 Royals Behaving Badly IIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2289562.3
74 Olympic Games VenuesHistory, Olympic Sports  grant2284846.7
75 By Their Own Hand - Famous SuicidesHistory  grant2284259
76 Robert F. KennedyHistory, American History, American GovernmentRobert F Kennedy  grant2285066.8
77 Military Operations & Their Code NamesHistory, World War II  grant2285961.5
78 Famous People Named Jones: Part 3History, Culture  grant2284556.4
79 The Assassination of Mahatma GandhiHistory, Assassinations, Indian HistoryMohandas K Gandhi  grant2287348.4
80 New Zealand FactsHistory, Culture, Oceanic Geography  grant2283760
81 Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses Part IIHistory, Animals & Animal Study  grant22818253.6
82 Philosophy Who's WhoHistory, Various  grant228938.9
83 Prince Albert - Husband of Queen VictoriaHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant22810770.2
84 Che Guevara - Iconic RevolutionaryHistory  grant22833162.6
85 The Assassination of Archduke FerdinandHistory, World War I, Assassinations  grant22813862
86 Saddam Hussein - Ruthless TyrantHistory, Mass MurderersSaddam Hussein  grant22810364.5
87 Adolf Hitler - His Later LifeHistory, World War II, German HistoryAdolf Hitler  grant22815978.7
88 F. W. de Klerk - The Man Who Ended South Africa's ApartheidHistory  grant2282265.9
89 William Wallace - Scottish Independence HeroHistory, British History  grant22849860.8
90 Lawrence of ArabiaHistory, World War I, British History  grant22817150.6
91 Famous People Named BrownHistory  grant2281872.2
92 Arthur Phillip - Founder of AustraliaHistory, Australian HistoryArthur Phillip  grant2282649.2
93 Rudyard Kipling - British Imperial WriterHistory, Literature, Authors, British History  grant2281562.7
94 Famous SiblingsHistory, Movie Stars  grant22825855.7
95 Secretariat - Super Horse History, Sports, American History  grant22818970.9
96 David Livingstone - Explorer and MissionaryHistory, British History  grant22816664.7
97 Louis Pasteur - The Father of MicrobiologyHistory, Science & Nature, Doctors & Medicine, French HistoryLouis Pasteur  grant2289447.9
98 World War II BattlesHistory, World War II  grant2289454.6
99 Real First Names of Famous PeopleHistory  grant228744.3
100 Bernard Montgomery - El Alamein SupremoHistory, World War II, British History  grant2285745.1
101 The Union Jack - Britain's FlagHistory, British History  grant22835456.3

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